Monitoring Software and Offering Peace of Mind

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When a family member makes the choice to place their family member into assisted living or memory loss communities the worry for their family member can increase greatly. Some family members will call the community to check on their loved ones during various times of the day or night. Other family members may become worried about their loved ones in the middle of the night and feel that they cannot reach out the community for answers. For these and other reasons, many senior communities have started to implement monitoring software that not only allows health staff to maintain a close eye on residents with memory care or assisted living complications but also allow family members to check on their loved ones from home.


Monitoring software works two ways. The first way is by allowing health staff to maintain a close eye on residents who may need extra care. Memory loss and Alzheimer’s wings may have residents that wander or have moments of confusion. With limited staffing some communities may have only one RN on duty to cover an entire wing with the help of nursing aides. There are moments when aides and the RN duty may be helping another resident. In the event that something occurs, an RN on another wing can take over monitoring the wing through the software.


The second way that the monitoring software works is to allow family members to login to the software from home and monitor their family members. At any time day or night, a family member can ease their concern by logging in and locating their family member. They can ensure that the resident is in their room, eating a meal or participating in an activity. This eases worry and allows the residents family members to ensure that the resident is receiving the care that would be receiving at home.


Often times there are some questions regarding resident care on a particular wing or in a particular branch of the senior community. Communities have found that monitoring software can reduce these concerns by offering monitoring of not only the resident but also staff check-in times. Some software allows staff members to enter in vital statistics, wound care treatment, intake, outtake and routine rounds into the software. These records are available through the software and matched to the movements of the resident or activity in the resident rooms during that same period. This ensures that the staff is keeping accurate rounds and information of those rounds.


Peace of mind can also be given to the family that may be concerned a family member is being kept awake to often during the day. For some residents the nightly rounds or shift rounds may keep them awake causing sleep issues. In these cases family members can use the monitoring software to ensure that this is not happening, lodge a complaint if it is and have the care plan changed for their family member to ensure a specific comfort level.


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