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LivingSenior Helps You Find the Top Senior Communities

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Finding the right senior community can be difficult. Personal preferences, amenities and treatment have to be considered. Another consideration is always location. Finding senior communities in your area may not be difficult but finding the top senior communities may prove to be a bit harder. LivingSenior understands that and has made improvements and advancements to help you find the top senior communities in your area.

Top State Articles

LivingSenior has reached out through social media to offer top senior community guides on a state by state level. This is a project we are moving full speed ahead with. We plan to accomplish this on two levels. The first level will be to offer off site articles, that you can find at LivingSenior on Hubpages. These articles will be listed by state to make it easier for our readers. If you do not see your state listed, please be patient. Our goal is to have all 50 states listed within five weeks.

The second level will be to offer individual articles on each community within the major cities of all 50 states. This is a huge move for LivingSenior but we feel that it is the best way to begin offering the information that you need in finding the right senior community for you or your family member. Each article will detail what the community has to offer their residents, living fees as well as extra fees that seniors are concerned with and an area for comments on the community by residents and families who have personal knowledge and experience.

Searchable State Database

Articles are only our first step in offering an informational highway to the best senior communities. We will also be expanding our searchable data base to include direct senior community links. This means that when you are looking for the right community you can start a broad search with the top state articles, close that search in to the top communities within your area and finally link directly to them within our extensive database. Think of LivingSenior as your free online senior community advisor. We want to offer more than just names and addresses for communities. We want to answer all of your questions to make the choice easier with the help of LivingSenior.

Reviews and Comments

We are open to all comments and reviews of any product, service or community that our readers have personal experience or knowledge with. If you see a community that you feel needs a “personal” review, we are open to accepting that review. LivingSenior understands that information on a community or service can be great but having someone with experience give their personal experience and testimonial can speak volumes.

LivingSenior looks forward to offering seniors and their family increased knowledge on communities, products and services. We look forward to offering more detail, more communities and more services that offer all aspects of senior living assistance. If there is a feature that you would like to see on LivingSenior we invite you to let us know through your comments. Please feel free to leave comments after this blog and we will be happy to respond.