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Is It Time For Assisted Living?

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Although in many ways we are all working for our retirement, many of us don’t really consider our retirement plans until it is much too late. The best time to begin planning for retirement is when were in our 30s or 40s. But even the best plans can go awry if certain medical conditions creep up that can prevent us from living an active independent lifestyle. When this happens then it might be time to consider assisted living as a viable choice for enjoying our golden years.

Take Away the Stress

Although it might seem like making a transition into an assisted living facility could be a stress ¬†inducing activity the truth of the matter is that once that move is complete most of the stress of your daily life can be greatly reduced. This especially holds true for those seniors who are facing physical challenges with getting through the normal routines of a day. Even simple things like keeping up the house by raking leaves or shoveling snow off the sidewalk can become a burden for someone who isn’t as agile as they once were. At assisted living all those maintenance issues are removed.

Enjoy Comfortable Living

Residents at an assisted living facility will be staying in their own apartment. The layouts for these apartments are either as large studios, one bedroom or two bedroom spaces. But they are all extremely easy to keep up. These are private apartments that can be decorated and furnished however a resident might like. The major advantage is that residents at assisted living facility are never far from qualified medical assistance should the need arise. That kind of assistance is also there to provide help with daily routines such as grooming, dressing, and bathing.

The benefits of assisted living also continues with regard to mealtime. This is when residents gather together in a communal dining setting enjoying nutritious and healthy meals three times a day. No longer do residents have to worry about grocery shopping or meal planning. It’s all taken care of for them.

Surround Yourself with Friends

Residents at an assisted living facility are never truly alone. Not only will they have the attention of the nursing and orderly staff but they will also be surrounded by like-minded seniors who are eager to share their stories. Assisted living facilities are also designed to provide a wide range of programs for the residents. These can include exercises, book clubs, sewing circles and even bingo night! Residents are also treated to outdoor excursions such as trips to the theater or local concerts. These programs are all voluntary but provide the residents with something beneficial to take up the time with as opposed to just sitting home alone watching reruns.

Assisted living is becoming a very popular option for those seniors who truly want to relax in their retirement. If you have an experience with assisted living we’d like to hear about it. Many folks who are going through these experiences for the first time will be greatly help by having you share what your family went through.

2 Responses to “Is It Time For Assisted Living?”

  1. I think that its really time for an assisted living. Its going to be the best option for your loved one to be free from stress, to have comfortable living, and to become sociable with other people. I think that our loved one deserve only the best even when they are already old. I know that being able to provide assisted living for them would make them realize that we care for them and we love them.

    • Adrian Parks
  2. On my own opinion, being able to give the best care for your loved one would mean sending them to an assisted living community. I think that an assisted living community would help them provide the necessary needs they need. I think that they also deserve to be happy, enjoy and live a stress free life. I think that its the best thing that we can do to our loved one.

    • Stanley Andrews