Is “Big Brother” Becoming the New Senior Care Model?

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Recently, there have been a number of senior care homes which have started using monitoring devices on a regular basis to keep watch of the seniors and elderly individuals that they are responsible for. Surveillance cameras are not the only option that are being used to ensure that seniors are safe and in a decent condition while they are living within the senior care home. There are some senior care homes which are also using devices such as motion and humidity sensors within the rooms where the seniors are residing.
Although this is a very thorough way for senior care homes to ensure that the residents are receiving proper care and are always being checked on throughout the day, there are some people who find that this option is somewhat disturbing, arguing that it seems more like “big brother” than taking care of their loved ones. There’s a large concern about the overall privacy and respect issue when these types of monitoring devices are being used. Family members have concerns that the monitoring devices may be used during inappropriate times and that their loved ones do not have privacy during moments such as when they may be changing their clothes or other related situations, such as using the restroom facilities.
In some sense, senior care homes that are using these monitoring devices have stated that they believe that this is a way to lessen the costs of medical care. By having seniors always monitored in this method, they can ensure that there are not any accidents or medical issues that are happening when there is no one around to watch the situation. Someone can easily check the device to ensure that the seniors are fine – or if something is happening, it’s easy to send a nurse or someone else over to the senior’s room to prevent the issue from occurring. However, the technology itself is very expensive and since it has just recently become popular, there’s not exactly a set amount of rules or restrictions for its use.
Ultimately, the question is of whether monitoring devices such as these will be accepted everywhere into senior care homes. Although some senior care homes are using them already, the goal is that they hope that this measure will catch on in other areas and will become more popular throughout the general senior care model. Whether or not that happens will mainly depend on the family members and loved ones of the seniors that reside in these homes, as there are certainly many who are displeased with the idea and concerned for the privacy of their loved ones.