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Navigating the Landscape of Long-Term Care Insurance

Knowing how to sort out everything in long-term care insurance is, at best, a really confusing matter. There are so many terms, phrases and legalities to understand that even people seasoned in the field aren’t totally “with it”. Luckily, we’ve combed through all the information and put together an easy-to-read guide that explains everything you …

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What Does the Health Care Reform Mean for Seniors?

Obamacare isn’t without its fair share of criticism, with one camp thinking it’s long overdue and the other feeling it’s an infringement of privacy and liberty. But how do the new health care reforms affect seniors?



No Worry: With a couple of clicks of the button, insurance companies can’t …

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Medicaid and Senior Care in the New Year

Budget Cuts
Next year is only 6 days away, but many seniors and their families are worried about what it’ll mean for themselves. Minnesotans, for example, are facing potential benefit cuts in January that could result in reduced care…or even none at all. The state feels that Medicaid spending has runaway, and the Department …

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How to Make Senior Living Affordable

There comes a time in almost everyone’s life when the topic of senior living becomes a concern. Whether you are considering senior living for yourself or for a loved one, it can be difficult figuring out how you are going to afford some of the common prices that are associated with retirement communities or assisted …

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