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4 Out-of-the-Box Activities Some Facilities Offer Residents

Senior living doesn’t have to mean the same routine everyday, with activities that don’t stimulate the mind or body nearly as much as they could. While some nursing homes and assisted living facilities have recognized the need for change and have adapted, some have taken it several steps further. There, residents pick up right where …

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Seniors Showing Change of Political Heart

The Hill, the weekly paper paper written for U.S. Congress, has touched on an important issue: seniors’ political leanings. To anyone in the know this is vital to US politics, it is because seniors will make up the biggest demographic in the United States in just a few years and even still they are overwhelmingly …

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Using Technology and Tablets to Help Seniors

The use of technological devices like iPads and other tablets is starting to show it’s more than just a larger screen to play Angry Birds on; it’s a device that can aid and facilitate communication between seniors and their families.
Large Print

Eyesight is one of the things that fades as we get older, and seniors typically …

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Seniors and Scams: Protecting the Vulnerable

A new scam targeting seniors has been discovered in Wake County, North Carolina, where predators are using 911 to steal money from unsuspecting victims. While these scams can hit anyone, seniors are particularly vulnerable and need to be looked out for.
The Scam

What happens is scammers …

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