How Retirement Communities Differ From Assisted Living

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One of the most common misconceptions among those who are new to the senior care circle is that retirement communities and assisted living are the same form of care. Although these options do provide similar services, they are not exactly the same. However, for some people, it’s difficult to figure out the differences between these options, because many of the factors and amenities that they offer tend to overlap as both options continue to evolve within the industry. The following information is a generalized overview to provide you with more insight into the differences associated between assisted living care and retirement communities.

Assisted Living

This type of facility is designed for the seniors who are not able to full care for themselves on a regular basis. There are various gradients of what this may mean, depending on the seniors level of independence and their health condition. For some seniors, they are able to care for themselves but they can’t keep areas of their living space clean or they may be a hazard to themselves; they would be suitable for assisted living. Some are not able to handle personal care at all and need assistance with dressing or going to the bathroom; this is another level of assisted living. People who live in these facilities need assistance in order to be able to comfortably and safely continue with their golden years. Insurance is able to cover some of the costs that are associated with this form of care because it is generally related the senior’s health.

Retirement Communities

The most obvious factor here is that retirement communities are options that most people spend their life saving for and working towards. A retirement community is somewhere you go during your retirement period so that you can begin to transition into your senior life. The people who live there are also retired and most of them have fairly independent lifestyles. They are able to get around throughout the area on their own, they participate in activities, they have social lives. Many of them love to travel. People are very careful about choosing their retirement community because they want to be surrounded by people who share the same interests and they want to ensure that they will be investing into a retirement community that will be able to provide them with high quality amenities and services. Insurance is not able to pay for living at retirement communities because it has no relation to the health of the individual.

Although there are some similarities between retirement communities and assisted living communities, their definitions are very different. The easier it is for you to understand the function of these options, the easier it will be for you to choose the option that may be the most suitable for you or a loved one. If you have any questions, you may want to contact the option of your choice and inquire further about what their services may be able to offer.

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  1. yeah, I thought they were the same thing too. Who knew!

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