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How to Deal with Drug Abuse in Seniors

Drug abuse is something typically associated with ne’er-do-well adults and teens, but rarely do we think of it as involving seniors. However, prescription drug abuse is also on the rise with seniors aged 65+, with reports indicating that even the 50 to 59-year-old is susceptible to this problem. You can read more
Substance Abuse: …

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Warning Signs of Diabetes

Being diagnosed with diabetes means having to completely modify your diet and lifestyle to adapt to a chronic condition. It can pose many difficulties but with care and cognizance, the changes can prolong the side effects of diabetes.
How Does Diabetes Work?

Most people know that diabetes has something to do with insulin, blood sugar and …

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What Does the Health Care Reform Mean for Seniors?

Obamacare isn’t without its fair share of criticism, with one camp thinking it’s long overdue and the other feeling it’s an infringement of privacy and liberty. But how do the new health care reforms affect seniors?



No Worry: With a couple of clicks of the button, insurance companies can’t …

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Senior Safety: Superbugs

Seniors are a particularly vulnerable demographic, as their immune systems are slowly deteriorating, which leaves them susceptible to catching illnesses. One in particular, the superbug, is so named because it describes a microbe that’s either resistant or immune to modern medicine.
What is a Superbug?

Superbugs have two definitions: the first comes from the …

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