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Studies Show the Link Between Saturated Fats and Heart Disease May Not be There

Senior citizens are usually tasked with managing an assortment of health problems, with one of them being heart disease. But new research has found that the link between heart disease and eating saturated fats may be more myth than fact.
Saturated Fats: Explained

While it’s fairly common knowledge that saturated fats are one of the “bad” …

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Warning Signs of Diabetes

Being diagnosed with diabetes means having to completely modify your diet and lifestyle to adapt to a chronic condition. It can pose many difficulties but with care and cognizance, the changes can prolong the side effects of diabetes.
How Does Diabetes Work?

Most people know that diabetes has something to do with insulin, blood sugar and …

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Are Seniors Sleeping Better than Before?

Sleep is one of the most important factors for a healthy lifestyle, but as seniors age, sleep patterns can get disrupted. How can seniors combat poor sleep so age-related ailments are kept at bay?
Different Sleep, Not Less Sleep
One of the biggest myths surrounding seniors and sleep is they don’t need a lot of it. From …

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Studies Show Seniors Still Have Plenty of “It” Left in the Tank

Seniors have gotten a bad rap for having low sex drives, even being relegated to the realm of fictitious figures. But study after study has shown that not only do seniors enjoy healthy sex lives well into their golden years, but talking about it makes everything better.
Healthy Numbers
Last month, …

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