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8 Great New Year’s Resolutions To Turn Your Health Around In 2015

Making New Year’s resolutions to better ourselves is a time-honored tradition only slightly older than the tradition of breaking them within the first month of the new year. Maybe we’re too ambitious in our goals, making grand and unrealistic plans to turn our lives around. The good news is, working on making yourself healthy doesn’t …

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Study Finds Too Much Salt Speeds Up Aging

All those anti-aging creams and injections you rely on may not be as useful as you think, and it’s possible that tossing something else out may have an even greater effect on how old you look and feel: salt. The negative health consequences of ingesting too much salt have been known for a while, but …

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Studies Show the Link Between Saturated Fats and Heart Disease May Not be There

Senior citizens are usually tasked with managing an assortment of health problems, with one of them being heart disease. But new research has found that the link between heart disease and eating saturated fats may be more myth than fact.
Saturated Fats: Explained

While it’s fairly common knowledge that saturated fats are one of the “bad” …

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Nutrition in Assisted Living and Retirement Communities

Those who are responsible for caring for their parents often voice a concern over the quality of nutrition within assisted living and retirement communities. Assuming that a parent or elder is not able to properly care for themselves in the sense of being able to prepare healthy and nutritious meals, it can be very important …

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