Four Vacation Hot Spots for Baby Boomers

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Baby boomers have changed the face of senior care and now they are making their mark on the travel industry. Travel agencies have grown accustomed to offering seniors laid back cruises, shuffleboard and trips to well-known attractions. Some of those vacation ideas will still be interesting to Baby Boomers, however, there are some new twists that boomers are adding to the vacation scene that have shaken things up a bit. Here are four vacation hot spots for Baby Boomers that have become popular over the last few years.

Classic Rock Venues

Classic rock venues offer a leading vacation hot spot for baby boomers. If the band is right, the price is right and the timing is right a baby boomer will flock to a classic rock concert. The great news for many boomers is when their favorite bands are offered in a showcase presentation. Some bands are also offering one night only specials or surprise shows for their die hard fans.

European Tours

Backpacking across Europe was the big “find yourself” dream for many baby boomers. They would take backpacking trips during their college years or right after graduating and explore what the rest of the world had to offer. The only difference now is the same boomer can enjoy luxury accommodations while on their vacation. Revisiting the same areas and capturing the memories all over again is part of what makes European tours for the boomer generation a great hot spot option.

Meditation Retreats

Meditation retreats are available for boomers in locations across the world. Tibet, New Mexico, California and other hot spots offer these great retreats that last a few days or a few weeks. The retreats encompass everything wonderful about the “hippie” experience. Peace, love, harmony and meditation are great ways to enjoy the retirement years that boomers have worked hard for.

Exotic Cruises

Hot spot locations like the Bahamas, Alaska, the Amazon rainforests and Italy are great ways to enjoy retirement vacations. The chance to take a leisurely cruise and see areas of the world you only dreamed about can be rewarding for a boomer who has spent their life working hard to achieve their goals. In fact, one of the popular hot spot exotic cruise sites is a trip down the Nile River.