Four Advantages of Using VOIP Services in Senior Communities

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Using VOIP for Video CallsThe face of senior communities is changing. A new generation of seniors, the baby boomers, are entering into the senior living lifestyle. This new flux of seniors is changing how communities operate, what they offer and the kind of lifestyle that seniors will be living. With a variety of living options, programs and accommodations it is becoming increasingly important for business in the senior care industry to maintain a modern view. One step that communities can begin taking is offering VOIP services to their senior residents. VOIP is an affordable option to land line services offers a wider variety of options and can go hand in hand with video calling as well as voice communication.


There are four advantages of using VOIP services in senior communities. The first advantage is, of course, affordability. For decades, senior communities have offered either no phone service for their residents or local calling only. This meant that residents would have to either provide their own service or purchase calling cards. With VOIP services, residents can use desktop computers or laptops to maintain contact with family members outside of the local area for one flat rate. For many senior businesses, offering a VOIP to each resident would be a cost efficient method of communication between the families, costing as little as $60 per resident per year.


A second advantage would appeal to senior community administrators and marketing teams. Since many senior communities have not yet moved forward with VOIP services for the residents, offering this affordable option to all residents would be an appealing option to many potential residents. Baby boomers are looking for modern options of communication and entertainment. Offering Internet services is one step towards those options but adding VOIP services for each resident would be a bonus that other communities may not offer.


Advantages of using VOIP services in senior communities take many forms. There are sales and communication benefits but there is also a benefit that many communities may not think of. VOIP services offer seniors a chance to remain active and social even when they are bed ridden. With a laptop and VOIP services a senior who is bed ridden or unable to participate in many of the activities offered on site may be able to enjoy chat rooms and online support groups with other seniors who also use VOIP.  This is a huge benefit for many seniors who would otherwise remain unsocial and lonely.


A final advantage of using VOIP services in senior communities can be found in spirituality. For some seniors there may not be a local church or spiritual service they would want to attend. There are members of the baby boomer generation that practice alternative religions and spirituality practices. Having VOIP services will allow them to maintain a spiritual connection to friends and families outside of the senior community who are perhaps hundreds of miles away. Overall, the use of VOIP service is not an option but a must if senior communities and business are ready to offer the baby boomer generation a modern living option.