Former Hospitals Becoming Senior Communities

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There is a new development occurring in senior real estate, senior communities, assisted living units and long-term care facilities. With the high cost of real estate and building options, many companies are now looking towards abandoned hospitals and former hospitals as possible senior care community locations. This is saving on real estate and is causing a new development craze that is offering more residential communities in lower income areas. There are several benefits to these former hospitals becoming senior unities for not only the profit or nonprofit community but also for the seniors and who may need special care.

During the week of March 22, 2013 the former Johnson City Memorial Hospital located in Johnson City Tennessee was being transformed into a senior care center. This hospital has been abandoned for some time with a little luck it being sold. However, with new developments this old hospital is turning into a 73 room facility. According to the Johnson City press, this facility which will be known as the Lexington Senior Living Facility will include a restaurant, coffee shop, Internet café, game room, ice cream parlor, Chapel, movie theater and all-inclusive senior living location. The concept is to offer seniors who are moving to the Lexington senior living location a chance to have everything they need in one place.

The property is over 153,000 ft.² and was purchased in 2012 by the Lexington Senior Living Corporation. This Corporation is one of many for-profit organizations that is claiming former hospitals and turning them into these all-inclusive options. These options are offering seniors the chance to be in one place and experience everything they are used to with out leaving the comfort and security of home. Not only will they receive assisted-living care but they will also receive long-term care when needed. There are independent living options as well as full long-term care options. In other words it is transitional community will allow senior to move in and not have to move out if there help becomes worse.

This is a phenomenon that is sweeping the United States, helping real estate and helping developments to increase senior awareness and increasing your health. Most of these options will be for low income developments, however there will be some higher in developments coming as well. Cities such as New Orleans, San Francisco, New York City and Albany New York are also seeing changes that are similar. These changes are offering a huge benefit to the city, to the seniors and to the real estate area which has been suffering for several years since the foreclosure boom hits in the mid to thousands.

In order to be considered for these properties seniors may have to meet certain regulations. These properties are opening up in major cities with smaller city options coming soon. If a senior community opens up in your area and you are interested in becoming a resident of the senior community will need to contact the community organization in order to find out what options and guidelines are available for you.