Five Ways Health Care Reform Affects Senior Care

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The last week of June 2012 brought a Supreme Court ruling that stated President Obama’s Health Care Reform Plan was constitutional. This ruling brought the reality of the new healthcare plan to the forefront. For many seniors, the health care reform could have major effects on how they receive treatment and what treatments are available. Here are five ways healthcare reform affects senior care directly.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Currently, an insurance company can deny insurance coverage to individuals with certain pre-existing conditions. With the new health care reform individuals will no longer be denied coverage based on a pre-exisitng condition. This will open insurance doors and medical coverage to an overwhelming amount of American’s, especially Baby Boomers who were diagnosed with conditions prior to receiving full coverage benefits.

Becoming Sick

If you are in good health a concern for you can be becoming sick and having no coverage. Insurance companies can drop you, currently, if you become ill. They can make this choice based on their own rules and they do not have to notify the individual. Under the new health care reform, an insurance company can no longer drop coverage based on a new illness.

Preventative and Annual Care

Many individuals avoid annual check-ups and preventative care options because their current insurance providers either do not cover these visits or charge higher fees for the visits. The new health care reform will allow preventative and annual care visits to be free to the individual regardless of the insurance provider.

Medicare Part D

The new health care reform will allow individuals with Medicare Part D coverage to receive prescription discounts. These discounts will also gradually increase over the coming years.

Lifetime Limits

As it stands today, insurance providers can place limits on the amount of lifetime coverage an individual can receive. With the new health care reform, an insurance company can no longer place a limit on the amount of coverage. This is incredible news for cancer patients and patients with expensive treatment options for advanced illnesses.