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Finding the Right In-Home Care for Your Loved One

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At the beginning of any in-home care relationship you are basically inviting a stranger into the home of your loved one who will be providing some very personal and intimate assistance with daily routines. Although this person might start out as a stranger the hope is that they will soon develop a long lasting and deep bond with their new companion. This makes the search for the right in-home care provider very important and not something that should be rushed into.

What Are the Needs?

The first step towards picking the right in-home care provider is to assess the needs of your loved one. A caregiver can spend anywhere from 15 minutes up to several hours with the senior depending on the circumstances. There might also be a case where the in-home caregiver develops such a strong relationship that they could end up spending time “off the clock” with your loved one.

If the situation calls for specific medical care then the provider should be a licensed professional nurse or certified nurse’s assistant. They could also be a physical therapist. These are the in-home caregivers that typically spend the shortest amount of time with the senior. Essentially they are stopping by to work through whatever regiment has been prescribed by the doctor.

In the case of personal care workers they are spending more time with your senior and providing help that could include tasks like dressing, feeding, or bathing. This is also the kind of in-home care provider who can help with some household chores like grocery shopping, cleaning and some general maintenance. This type of specialist will spend several hours a day with a client at least once a week, several days a week or even every day.

Getting the Right Fit

When you bring an in-home care provider into a senior’s life the hope is that they will get along right from the start but that’s not always the case. It’s not uncommon for you to go through a few in-home care specialists before settling on the perfect fit. The last thing you want is to have tension in this relationship. But just because you’re hiring a professional doesn’t mean they want have the personality that coalesces with your loved one. This is why it’s important to involve your love one in the interview process. You don’t just want to show up one day and say, “hey mom here’s your new companion!” The more your loved one is involved in the process of more they’ll be able to accept allowing someone into their home to help.

Check the References

Whether you are hiring an in-home care specialist from an agency or independently you should do a thorough check of their references that they provide. Don’t just accept the fact that they have a list of phone numbers you can call; make the calls! Hearing how other families and seniors interactive with your potential caregiver can help you make an informed decision.

What have been your experiences with hiring an in-home care provider? We like to know and there are plenty of families who can benefit from your knowledge!

3 Responses to “Finding the Right In-Home Care for Your Loved One”

  1. I think that finding the right In-Home care for your loved ones is more appropriate. I think that your loved ones can have holistic care at your own premises. I know that it would be hard for the first time to allow a stranger to provide care for your family but I think that you should trust and allow them to communicate so that they would be able to create a good relationship. I think that your health care provider should be understanding, patience, and competent to provide holistic care to your loved ones.

    • Matt Terry
  2. On my own point of view, finding the right In-Home Care for your loved ones would make your plan of taking care of them quick and easy. I know that In-Home Care is more convenient and more accessible to you. It would allow you find the right care provider for your loved ones in your own home. I have tried having an In-Home Care for my grandmother and she really loved being taken care at home. I know that many elders would also love to be taken care on their own home.

    • Matthew Wooder
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    • Louise Keegan