Find Senior Housing on Low Income

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Many seniors tend to seek for lower income housing because they may not have a job or enough money to be able to pay for anything else. There are options available to seniors with low income. There are steps an individual can take to find housing on low income.

Check your newspaper

Check the newspaper daily for any good deals that might come up. You never know, you could score a great deal on housing. Many times, there are still people who like to advertise their houses and/or apartments in the newspaper rather than on the internet.

The internet

The internet is a great resource to find housing. Often times, you will see that there are great deals that you normally can’t find in the newspaper. Unlike the newspaper, you will be able to see pictures most of the time of the house or apartment you are considering. This makes it convenient for people to get a good look at the house before they go and look at the inside in case it’s not something that will be suitable for them.

Ask around

You can ask around to your family and/or friends if they may know of any low income housing available. Chances are someone is bound to know of at least one for you.


There are programs available specifically for seniors. If you check with your Department of Social Services, they usually have a program designed for you, a low income senior looking for housing. You go through an application process. If you qualify, they pay for some of your housing while you pay for the rest.

Local government center

Of course, this may be someone’s least favorite option. However, your local government center is there for you, for this specific reason. They will help you find low income housing. You may have to fill out an application and get approved. However, that doesn’t take to long and you could be on your way to your new house.

Senior housing

This is another idea that some seniors aren’t fond of but on the other hand, some of them love this idea. It’s all based on someone’s personal preference. Many senior housing developments are for low income seniors. So, you will be reassured you won’t be paying an arm and a leg to be able to live there. This is also convenient because you will be living with some other seniors which is good for you to be around others.

No matter which choice you choose, there are many options for a senior to find low income housing. There are many programs and resources out there available to you. You are destined to find the right opportunity for you.