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Catholic Charity Programs for Seniors

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Charity programs are becoming few and far between in today’s economy. This is especially true for programs for senior citizens. Through senior centers located throughout the country seniors are able to have food, companionship, health checkups and other resources provided for them during the day. The senior centers, however are not always open on the weekends or every day of the week. In these cases sometimes other charities are available to step in. One of the most common charities for senior citizens are the programs run through Catholic Charities. Here are three senior programs offered through Catholic charities.

Housing Counseling

Catholic charities offers a housing counseling service for seniors in many cities. This housing counseling service works with various organizations in the area to provide specialized housing for seniors or to provide direct assistance to seniors in need. In some cases the housing counseling also help seniors find assisted living facilities or in home healthcare when necessary. In certain situations the assisted living counseling can also offer direct assistance or full assistance for assisted-living payments.

Catholic Senior Centers

Catholic charities offer several senior centers throughout the country. The majority of the senior centers are run through various Catholic churches or local senior buildings. The Catholic senior centers offers many of the same benefits that nonreligious senior centers have including meals, entertainment, transportation and other services.

Catholic Charities Advocacy

Catholic charities also offers advocacy programs when necessary. These advocacy programs can provide legal counsel or a to seniors in need. The advocacy programs can also help with seniors housing difficulties, benefit difficulties, certain living situations, will and final testament and with end-of-life issues. Depending on the need of the senior the advocacy can cover full legal services.

Regardless of the type of need a senior have Catholic charities has programs throughout the country that can possibly help that need. For more information on the Catholic charity programs for seniors in your area you may contact Catholic charities directly online or by calling your local Catholic parish.