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Separating Fact from Fiction: 5 Common Alzheimer’s Myths Debunked

Alzheimer’s disease was originally discovered more than a century ago. Despite the billions of dollars that have been spent on research, the deadly form of dementia is still pretty much a mystery to us. There’s no cure, treatment or clear cause for the disease. With so many questions left unanswered, there are plenty of Alzheimer’s …

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Caring for Family Members with Alzheimer’s

Living with someone who has Alzheimer’s is far from easy, but when you’re the main caregiver, life can feel downright impossible sometimes. Here’s a quick guide on how to alleviate stress in different areas.
Prepare. Bathing can be a traumatic time for some people and the more you can do to make your family member feel …

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Best Apps for Caregivers

There are several applications that can be used on smart phones for the iPhone and Android-based systems. These applications are available in a wide range from it comes to health and caregiver topics. If you are a caregiver and you are looking for an application to simplify your caregiving task, especially those or in home …

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Monitoring Devices in In-Home Senior Care

As can be expected, there are many seniors that naturally dread the idea of having to live in a nursing home when they are older. Most would rather have the option of staying at home with their family and loved ones instead of being in a nursing care home with seniors and various strangers. However, …

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