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AARP Benefits: Are They Worth it?

For $16 a year, or about $1.34 each month, you can be an AARP member if you are above the age of
50. These members get “senior” discounts for a wide variety of things, like insurance, travel, and even
random benefits like free food, recipes, access to books and newspapers and more.

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Top 6 Senior Discounts to Make Your Summer Unforgettable (Infographic)



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How to Save for a Nursing Home After Retirement

A nursing home is almost never a person’s first choice of where to live during retirement, but it’s a reality for millions of Americans. While the experience definitely isn’t the same as aging in place, it does afford seniors the opportunity to be looked after 24/7 by a team of professionals who are trained in …

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How to Capitalize on Seniors’ Discounts

The aging process carries with it a lot of tough adjustments, like muscle and joint pains, but many retailers keep seniors in mind and offer their products at a discounted price.

It costs $16 each year to have an AARP card, but the discounts more than make up …

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