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2016 Presidential Candidates: Their Stance on Social Security

This year’s race seems to be an exciting one. With candidates on the extreme opposite ends of the
spectrum, looking at their viewpoints on several topics can be scary. Whether you resonate with the
republican side, or find yourself gravitating to the left, you may want to reconsider your options can
check out what …

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AARP Benefits: Are They Worth it?

For $16 a year, or about $1.34 each month, you can be an AARP member if you are above the age of
50. These members get “senior” discounts for a wide variety of things, like insurance, travel, and even
random benefits like free food, recipes, access to books and newspapers and more.

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Top 6 Senior Discounts to Make Your Summer Unforgettable (Infographic)



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How to Save for a Nursing Home After Retirement

A nursing home is almost never a person’s first choice of where to live during retirement, but it’s a reality for millions of Americans. While the experience definitely isn’t the same as aging in place, it does afford seniors the opportunity to be looked after 24/7 by a team of professionals who are trained in …

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