Best Gifts for Seniors

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Seniors can be difficult to shop for because they’re a variation on the theme of “what do you get the person who has everything?” Getting holiday gifts for seniors can become a matter of “What do you get the person who has lived long enough to receive everything?”


A good place to start is figuring out if your senior is the type of person who prefers gifts they need, or gifts they want. There is nothing wrong with either, but it’ll save you a lot of time in department stores or online if you know you’ll be picking up a basket of chocolates or good-grip slippers.

Age and physical/mental/cognitive/emotional condition are also important to take into account, as an e-reader would be better for someone with arthritis than it might be for someone with Alzheimer’s. But some can’t-miss gifts for any senior are things that make their lives easier. However, the holidays are time for doing or giving something more special than during the rest of the year, and remember to give gifts that the other person thinks they need or want, not what you think they need or want.

Gift Ideas

Gifts like large-print reading material, DVDs of favorite TV shows, games (boardgames, crosswords, jigsaw puzzles), or a laptop/smartphone are excellent ideas for the more technologically-inclined seniors, allowing them to both remember the past and move forward into the future.

For seniors who like luxury and high-style, splash out a little bit and get them something like tickets to a sporting or cultural event, a food-of-the-month subscription (with anything from chocolate to wine, depending on what they enjoy), or even a vacation somewhere if you can afford it.


Perhaps the best gift you can give a senior is not something that can be wrapped in a box, but something that reflects time, thought and effort. By giving or providing a service for your senior, they’ll remember that gift long after the last box has been unwrapped.

Wash, wax and tune up their car if they’re still driving, hire a cleaner to take the load off, take them to a spa or massage therapist, or subscribe them to dance classes (or whatever physical activity they enjoy doing.)

But the best gift you can give your senior? Seeing them and appreciating them.