Benefits of Water Ionizers for Seniors

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Water ionizers are part of alkaline dieting and have shown significant benefits for seniors and green lifestylers. These benefits have been discussed in other aspects of our alkaline diet series on as well as in brief mentioning of water ionization throughout the same discussions and blog posts. For seniors who would like more information on water ionizers they can click here for full details about water ionization tools and ionizers for the home. For seniors who are interested in the benefits of ionizers here are three water ionizer benefits specifically for seniors and baby boomers.


Increased Hydration

Seniors and baby boomers may have certain issues with hydration. It is stated in several studies that as seniors get older it is harder to keep them hydrated during certain times of the year or because of certain medications that they may be on. Because of this the use of water ionizers is a perfect option for seniors and especially those seniors who are on heavy medications. Water ionizers offer six times the hydration to water that a typical water filter offers (learn more from water filters service specialists). This high hydration amount can aid many seniors in regards to complications and illnesses.

Increased Immune System

Several studies have shown that the use of ionized water and water ionizers in the home or within senior communities has increased seniors overall immune systems. In fact, seniors who use ionized water on a regular basis not only have increased hydration but due to this increased hydration also have increased immune system that keep illnesses such as flu, colds and pneumonia away. This increased immune system means less prescribed medications, less time in hospitals and less time being bedridden due to illnesses and sickness.

Decreased Prescription Drugs

Seniors and baby boomers who have taken part in using water ionizers and ionized water in general have shown a tremendous decrease in the use of prescription drugs for their age group. This decrease in prescription drug use means that many seniors can live chemical free unless there is a serious health condition. In many senior communities who have begun using ionized water and water ionizers in general, there has been an increase in activity, overall health and a reduction in the use of prescription medications being used through medication management programs. For many senior communities the use of water ionization and benefits has been a huge financial benefit to the community as a whole and to the community residents.