Benefits of Water Ionizers for Seniors

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There are several diet plans available for seniors and several options available to each diet plan. There seem to be hundreds of different diet plans out there that are geared toward baby boomers and seniors. These diet plans are sometimes accepted by the independent and assisted living community nutritionists while others are completely refused. One of the diet options currently being discussed in senior nutrition is alkaline dieting and its combined efforts with water ionizers. In fact, some senior living communities have begun using water ionizers such as the ones found here. These ionizers offer several benefits. Here are three benefits of water ionizers for seniors.


Increased Oxidization

For some seniors receiving the right amount of oxygen throughout the body into the muscles and joints is a problem. In fact some seniors have found that they have to use oxygen tanks throughout the day depending on their different illnesses or issues. One of the benefits that some senior communities and nutritionists are finding with the use of water ionizers is the increase in oxygen reaching the proper areas of the body. Through the process used in water ionization the oxygen within the water is increased significantly.

Increased Hydration

Water ionization and the use of water ionizers has been shown to increase the hydration value of water by six times as compared with non-filtered and standard filtered water. This increased hydration is a huge benefit for baby boomers and seniors. In fact, many seniors have issues staying hydrated throughout the day and with the use of water ionization products, services and tools a senior could remain hydrated without severe side effects.

Increased Energy and Awareness

One of the biggest complaints with many seniors is an issue with energy and sometimes a combined issue with awareness. Mental awareness and overall energy has been shown to improve with the use of water ionizers and ionized water in general. This is said to be connected to the increased hydration and oxygen factors that water ionizers provide for water. The increased energy is a huge benefit for seniors who have been having energy problems and find themselves taking a large amount of supplements or having to sleep much longer hours in order to feel remotely energized. The increase in awareness is all so a huge benefit for seniors. In fact, some seniors who had reported memory loss issues and were placed on ionized water and alkaline diets have shown rapid improvements and have moved away from memory loss treatments due to increased awareness capability.