Benefits of Using a Private Senior Care Monitor

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Before discussing the benefits of using a private Senior Care Monitor, it is important to discuss what a private Senior Care Monitor is and what they do. A private Senior Care Monitor is someone hired by the family member or senior to oversee and check in on various aspects of senior care. A private Senior Care Monitor is generally used in live-in health care situations. The monitor will come in at various times, unexpected times and unannounced times to sit with the senior and to monitor how the senior is being treated and cared for. Though a Senior Care Monitor can be utilized in assisted-living situations, in-home health is the most common area of expertise. Here are a few benefits of using a private Senior Care Monitor.

Peace of Mind

The most common reason that’s families and loved ones hire private Senior Care Monitors is the peace of mind these monitors offer. A family member may not be able to check in on the senior often enough to determine if the care being provided to the senior is adequate. By having someone who can make a random checks on the senior and how they are being cared for, family members can know that’s the care being provided is adequate and being done properly. If care is not being provided properly then the family member has peace of mind that the private Senior Care Monitor will notify them and steps can be taken to remedy the situation.

Health Quality

The quality of help for the senior is another reason that many loved ones have chosen to use a private Senior Care Monitor. Even though a Senior Care Monitor can make random checks on a home and on the senior, the inadequacies of a caregiver may not be immediately evident. However, a private Senior Care Monitor is trained to know what care giving actions to look for and what signs of abuse and/or neglect to look for. They are trained to know which areas of the home to look at to determine if housecleaning is being done, nutrition is being taken care of and if laundry and other hygiene issues are also being met.

Trained Professionalism

The trained professionalism of a private Senior Care Monitor is also a benefit for many loved ones. Private Senior Care Monitors generally have a background in home health care, assisted-living care and elder care. They may also have a background in senior nutrition or as a social worker in gerontology. This kind of background means that you are not simply hiring someone to go in and make sure everything looks okay. By hiring a trained Senior Care Monitor the family is assured they are having someone who can not only make sure everything looks okay but that it is in fact okay.