Benefits of Debit Cards for Seniors

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There are several benefits for seniors to use prepaid debit cards for their online purchases. By using a prepaid debit card seniors can avoid several fraudulent scam issues that have been occurring in the past few weeks and months. Here are a few of the benefits that seniors can gain from using a prepaid debit card. Please are member the prepaid debit cards can be purchased at any drugstore, grocery store, Walmart, Target and anyplace gift cards are sold.



Personal Information

When an individual uses a credit card their information will come up on the screen and if there is a scam or if someone is attempting to steal debit card and credit card numbers they will be able to obtain the same information the clerk sees. If an individual is using a prepaid debit card there is no private information connected to that debit card. For example if an individual purchases a pre-paid Visa debit card the only name that will appear is guest customer and there is no address connected to the debit card. This means that scam artists who are utilizing the fishing methods to gain access to people’s accounts will not be able to gain any access through the prepaid debit card.

Online Theft

Online theft has become an increasing issue for many seniors. Scam artists are using various ways to capture credit card numbers during online purchases. In an online purchase information for the card number, cardholder and other information may be given away. However, if a individual chooses to use a prepaid debit card for their purchase this information is kept private. In fact the prepaid debit card only will ask for the card number on the prepaid debit card. If you are using the card online with Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online retailers is best to purchase a card for that specific retailer. For example, many seniors have found that Amazon offers a grocery and personal care section. Amazon gift cards can be purchased in the amount that is budgeted for the month and the purchase can be made through the Amazon gift card rather than through a credit card or personalized debit card.


The biggest benefit of using a prepaid debit card is the safety issue. It is not just scam artists that seniors need to look out for. If someone steals a purse or a wallet they may be able to find where the individual lives and other personal information. A step in preventing this is to keep a driver’s license any personal information in a separate location while only keeping gift cards and prepaid debit cards in the wallet. This way if someone steals a readily accessible wallet or purse they are not stealing the information or personal location of the individual.