Benefits of Alkaline Diets for Seniors

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With all of the dieting and nutrition options available to seniors and baby boomers it can sometimes be difficult to figure out which diet plan works best for a senior lifestyle. Many seniors have found great luck with diets such as the CR way, which is a calorie reduction diet. However, one of the latest diets to hit many nutrition centers and senior communities is the alkaline diet. The alkaline diet, in theory, is supposed to offer increased energy and other health benefits through the proper use of combining foods to change the pH of the blood. The purpose of this diet and the change of pH in the blood is said to have great health benefits for the baby boomer and senior generation. Here are three benefits currently being reported by users of the alkaline diet.

Respiratory Benefits

There are several respiratory benefits available to seniors who use alkaline diets combined with water ionizers such as the ones found here. This combination has offered seniors the chance to move away from asthma medications and has reduced the chance of seniors and baby boomers catching colds, pneumonia, flu and other upper respiratory and overall respiratory issues and illnesses. In fact, some seniors have reported since using water ionization and alkaline dieting to have a significant decrease in colds and flu without the need of a flu shot or special medications.


Though nutrition and medical studies have not conclusively shown a connection between alkaline dieting, water ionization and decreases in cancer there are several seniors and baby boomers who disagree. In fact, in some studies several seniors have been interviewed have started an alkaline diet combined with water ionization and showed significant decreases in cancer cells within their body. In fact some individuals have even stated that the cancer was completely eradicated due to the diet.

Energy Benefits

Energy benefits, which have been discussed in other blogs on this topic here at LivingSenior, are a key benefit for many seniors who are considering an alkaline diet. The alkaline diet, when properly used has been shown to increase energy and decrease severe fatigue. For many seniors who want to remain active this is a benefit with worth trying to diet for. In fact, many seniors have stated that the energy benefits alone would keep them on the alkaline diet and using water ionizers even if other benefits were not available.