Alzheimer’s Symptoms: Protecting Your Loved Ones

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The symptoms of Alzheimer’s are usually seen in people who are already of the old age. But it is always

advisable to seek first the recommendation of a medical expert to confirm if any of the symptoms your
loved one may be experiencing would really lead to Alzheimer’s. Most of the time, if two or more of the
symptoms are confirmed, then you might want to seek further medication and formal treatment to avoid
the troubles brought by the disease.




The Importance Of Early Detection

When you seek professional help, you would notice that the Alzheimer’s disease is detected and
confirmed if several of the symptoms occur more frequent as time passes. Even if there is no way to
fight the disease and put an end to it before it even becomes worse, it is still possible to slow down
its condition and growth so that it won’t trouble your everyday living. Proper detection of the disease
is important since there are lots of other cases around the world are confused with Alzheimer’s like

The Symptoms To Watch Out For

There are symptoms that would require much of your attention to give you caution on the disease. You
would find that loss of memory can be just minimal but it certainly persists. The seniors show this by
forgetting thoughts, objects, words and lot more. It can be troublesome if your loved one suddenly cannot
find their way back home. Other symptoms include having trouble with planning sessions and also
difficulty in retaining information that come to them as new.

From Discovery To Present Day

The Alzheimer’s Disease was first discovered by a psychiatrist in 1906 named as Alois Alzheimer. Since
then, the disease has been proven fatal and mysterious since it has no absolute cure and cause. The good
news is that there have been medications discovered and made to assist in slowing down the progress of
the disease but it will still eventually grow into its final phases. The drugs can be availed in the market
these days which will help patients of the disease to handle and manage better its other effects like

The Fight Lives On

As of 2011, statistics say that there are about five million sufferers of Alzheimer’s. And as the generation
of baby boomers start to enter their golden years, this disease will surely be waiting for all of them. Just
watch out for the most common symptom and that is memory loss. It will attack the frontal lobe of the
brain where all short term memory data is stored.