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The Difference between Memory Care and Assisted Living Communities

There are several different forms of senior communities available. Two popular forms are assisted living and memory care. Assisted living communities are for those seniors who need extra help during the day with dressing, hygiene, grooming, medication management, or eating. Memory care communities, deal with Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory loss patients for longer terms. These …

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Uncommon Facts regarding Alzheimer’s

There are several basic facts regarding memory care and Alzheimer’s that most individuals are aware of. There are some facts, however, that are not discussed readily or that may be considered uncommon facts regarding Alzheimer’s disease. The following are a few of these facts that people should be aware of and to take into consideration …

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Alzheimer’s Symptoms: Protecting Your Loved Ones

The symptoms of Alzheimer’s are usually seen in people who are already of the old age. But it is always

advisable to seek first the recommendation of a medical expert to confirm if any of the symptoms your
loved one may be experiencing would really …

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Memory Loss Programs and In-Home Care

Memory loss and early Alzheimer’s warning signs can increase the concern for you and your loved one. In fact, the majority of seniors who consider moving from in-home care to assisted living do so because of memory loss issues an the possible …

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