9 Foods and Products That Were Made Better When We Were Young

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  1. French Fries

    french fries

    Do you remember when French fries used to be fried in actual animal fat and the fries themselves had flavor?  We miss that.  Fortunately, a lot of chefs are returning to this method of cooking and we couldn’t be happier!  Just fry my fries in beef tallow again McDonalds, please!

  2. Peanut Butter


    Do you still love the taste of a good Reeses peanut buttercup?  That’s because they have a delightfully salty peanut butter that you just can’t buy anymore (and don’t even get me started on those all organic “natural” peanut butters. I’d rather lick cardboard)

  3. Household Appliances


    Before the phrase “planned obsolescence” turned us from twice in a lifetime purchaser of home appliances to once every few years everything was built to last.  Our first fridge lasted from our wedding day to the birth of our grandson 30 something years later.  Our second fridge lasted 6 years.

  4. Stereo speakers


    My grandson recently commandeered my old stereo speakers (and my old record player!) because he says that the wooden boxes create a better sound than anything you can buy on the market today.

  5. Cars


    They may not have always worked perfectly but you could pull it into your garage and 9 out of 10 times do the work yourself to get it up and running again—rebuild a carburetor, replace a burned out clutch.  Now a days, you need a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering just to replace a timing belt.

  6. Outboard Motors


    Now that we’re on the subject of vehicles, my old fishing boat’s outboard motor (an Evinrude) must have lasted me 25 years.  The last one I got?  It lasted 5 years before we had to replace it.

  7. Clothes


    My suits used to be built to last, the stitching was superior, the fabric was fine but now a days?  Clothing is disposable.  Wear it for a few months and then toss it into the garbage and get something new.

  8. Music


    Now, I’m not saying that our music was better than the music of today (but come on, none of them can compete with Elvis, The Beatles, or Johnny Cash.) but that actual music production!  Autotune means you can’t tell one Bieber from another.  (Sorry, this may be a little to “Get off my lawn!” but it had to be said)

  9. Houses and Buildings In General


    Can you imagine any of the “contemporary architecture” homes that are being produced today with paper thin walls lasting over 100 years like our old brick homes surely will?   Do they even know how to make churches that look like they used to?  When we didn’t focus entirely on the bottom line and wanted to make things that were also beautiful?