8 Jobs for Those Who Just Can’t Stay Retired

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For a lot of working people, retirement is the phase of life they’ve been looking forward to for a long time. But once you’re done working, you may miss work – and the benefits that came with it.  Whether you’re simply looking for a way to fill your free hours or interested in job perks, we’ve made a list of jobs that will help you into a new phase of semi-retirement.

1) Keep Your Current Job, and Cut Down to Part-Time

Retiring doesn’t mean you have to quit your job cold-turkey. If you’ve been working for most of your life, you might prefer to ease into retirement by reducing your hours first. Working part-time is a great way to supplement your retirement savings with a steady paycheck.

2) Start a Small Business

If you’re tired of working under a boss and have sales experience, you can become your own boss after retirement. Selling items people no longer want over eBay or amazon.com is a job you can do from your own home, at whatever hours you choose for yourself.

3) Be a Consultant

If you were a professional in your field, there’s no reason that your expertise has to end with retirement. Offer your services to newcomers at your former company. You may even be hired back part-time to help with freelancing or on a project-by-project basis! Your experience is a valuable asset to your company, and they may not want to let you go completely.

4) Work in Retail

Most major retail stores are looking to hire sales associates in large numbers for the holidays, so apply to your local Target, Walmart, or Whole Foods. The hours will be part-time, though your schedule might get hectic the closer it gets to Christmas and you will probably have to work on Black Friday. After the holidays, there is a chance that you will be kept on, which means you can use your store discount all year long.

5) Find a Government Job

The government has a variety of desk jobs with benefits, and they are less likely to discriminate because of age. The government hires retirees for various jobs including auditing, social workers, paralegals, computer specialists, electronics specialists, and childcare. If you are a retired teacher, the US Department of Education is a helpful resource to find jobs such as a financial analyst, education program specialist, or accountant. To find a government job near you, go to usajobs.gov.

6) Become a Teacher or Tutor

You don’t need to go back to college and get a degree to teach people. You can teach English or a subject that you’re strong in, such as math. Ask around your local university, or parks and recreation center to see if there are any students or classes that could benefit from your teachings. Or if you have other strong hobbies, see if you could teach a class on them – making pottery, or woodwork. If you have the patience, you can do it.

7) Sit Professionally

If you like light traveling, be a professional house-sitter. People who travel or own multiple homes will need you to look after their house/boat/villa and take care of the property while they’re gone. Your rent will be free as you stay over, and in addition to being paid with meals and possibly a salary, you have full run of the house and yard. You can find available jobs by registering on MindMyHouse, which only requires a $20 annual fee.

8) Work for the National Park Service

The National Park Service hires many senior seasonal workers, and the work is perfect for those in retirement. The NPS offers job opportunities in over 401 national parks, and employees include carpenters, electricians, gardeners, historians, museum professionals, gift shop salespeople, and facility managers. If you know another language you can act as an interpreter, or a tour guide. To learn more, visit the National Park Service website.  You will be working in some of the most beautiful national parks in America, during which time housing will probably be included.

The key to working after retirement is knowing what you want. If you love food, work at a restaurant and benefit from the free meals you get during your shift and the discount you’ll be eligible for when you visit the restaurant. If you love to travel or want to get travel discounts when you visit your family, work for an airline (some of whom also give discounts to your spouse). There are a variety of jobs available that can suit whatever needs you have.

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