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5 Unique Indoor Activities to Keep You Busy on a Rainy Day at Your Retirement Home

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Rationally, we know there’s nothing wrong with going out in the rain and getting a little wet, but it just plain doesn’t feel nice. Instead, it’s much cozier to sit inside while the rain pours outside, and be involved in activities that’ll keep you warm, dry and entertained until the storm clouds pass. So instead of turning on the TV and aimlessly flipping through the channels, read on to learn what kind of activities can make your retirement home come alive the next time it rains.

1. Music Therapy

Music has been shown to be one of the most powerful memory and mood stimulators, and setting up a music therapy session takes almost no work at all. But how music therapy is different from simply turning on the record player and listening to songs is this: music therapy has a definite structure in place (e.g. trying to create a certain mood, or telling a story), it involves everyone regardless of their ability levels, and is led by a professional. To set up a music therapy session, the “leader” would hand out instruments that everyone can play (such as maracas or hand-held drums), instruct them to follow along with a certain goal, and then alter the pacing or rhythm to keep everyone involved. After that, there aren’t many rules at all.

2. Quiz Games

There’s something so exciting about feeling like you’re on a game show, answering questions that could either send you home or onto the next round. All it takes is a set of buzzers you can pick up at a game or hardware store, an assembled list of decade-appropriate questions, and a bag of prizes for the winners. To really kick things up a notch, make the quiz shows part of a theme night, such as a “Swingin’ ‘60s” night complete with bright colors, foods, and getting dressed up. Make sure you include music, too, to really flesh out the activity.

3. Baking Club

Rainy days can easily bring down spirits…unless the smell of freshly baked cookies lingers in the air. Set up workstations where seniors can mix together ingredients, cut the dough into neat shapes and figures, add on sprinkles or chocolate chips (or anything else they’d like to see on cookies!), and then bake. As a bonus, set up a post-bake workstation where seniors can decorate plain cookies that have come out of the oven, such as making gingerbread-like cookies or “Easter eggs”. To ensure everyone can be involved, assign tasks accordingly, like mixing the dough for stronger residents and combining the dry ingredients for less physically-abled residents.

4. Spa Day

When the weather turns ugly, it’s time to flip that on its head and make retirement home residents look and feel as good as they can. Set up a mini spa inside that appeals to both men and women, such as offering hand massages, aromatherapy, finger painting, and nail trimming. You don’t have to worry about going overboard to mimic an actual spa, just bring in the essential elements so it’ll appeal to residents. And if you’re stuck on ideas, why not just ask the residents what they’d put into a spa if they could transport one into their retirement home? There’s no better place to look for information than the residents themselves.

5. Scrapbooking

No matter how young or old someone is, the details of an event or person fade more and more as time goes by. Keep this from happening by devoting rainy days to scrapbooking, giving retirement home residents a chance to relive all the greatest moments in their lives. Gather together photographs, hand out albums, and have residents decorate “frames” around each photo in the album, such as gluing ribbons or beads, and writing a little caption for each picture.