5 Senior Dating Tips for Security

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Dating does not stop when you are a senior or when you hit your retirement years. The dating world may be a bit different though for seniors who are entering that scene after a divorce or being widowed. The most popular form of senior dating resources has become the Internet. It is convenient and offers a bit of safety and security. Here are five senior dating tips for security that seniors using online resources should consider.

Remain as Private as Possible

This is not to say that seniors should not give out any information. Afterall, how will you find a match if you are completely closed off? However, there are certain aspects of your life that you should keep private. For example, do not give out your address or personal information that may be considered unsecure. Your name is fine, age is fine and a bit about yourself is fine.

Talk First

If it is possible, talk to your potential match prior to any dates. Make sure that you are compatable and that you can carry on a conversation well. If there is something that strikes you as odd it is best to have it happen over the phone instead of face to face. This is also a good time to make sure the person isn’t lying to you about certain things. For example, if they tell you something over the phone that contradicts something they have said on their profile or online then you can get to the bottom of it.

Go with your Gut

Your gut feeling is always the best interpreter of red flags and possible issues. If you feel that there is something wrong or that there may be more than meets the eye then go with your gut. Be on the look out for any red flags or potential issues that come up during the conversation. If something strikes you as odd then there is probably a reason you feel that way.

Meet in Public

Meeting in public first is one of the best ways to have a first date. A public location is safe, secure and allows for you to exit the date if you are uncomfortable. Make sure that others know where you are going and how to reach you. Also make sure to arrive in separate transportation. This way you can leave if you feel something is not right.