5 Free Classes You Should Take as a Senior

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With more and more insurance companies, community centers, and other groups offering free courses for seniors now is the time to take advantage. There are several courses available ranging from wellness to financial planning. You can find these for free in your area or for a small fee. However, the free options are just as important in helping you with your daily life as the paid options. The following are five free classes you should take as a senior.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is one of the key courses being offered by everyone from insurance agencies to colleges. As a baby boomer or senior, you may already have faced the issue of the financial planning already done before not being enough for your retirement. Financial planning courses can help with this. These courses can go over how you can create a residual income, more income, stretch what you already have, and can open your eyes to different options that you may not know were available for your health, long-term care, or aging in place options.

Wellness Classes

Various wellness classes are offered for free to baby boomers and seniors. These classes include yoga, tai chi, racquetball, tennis, and aquatic exercise. The benefits of these are not only health benefits but also relaxation benefits.

Computer Courses

Computer courses are also popular for baby boomers. With the ever-changing face of technology, it is vital for baby boomers to stay updated on how to do the basics. E-mail, social media, digital photography, and other computer-based courses are available through most of unity centers. You can even find these available through some church organizations. These computer courses will help you stay updated with family members and help you to enjoy the technology that is available.

Cooking and Nutrition Courses

As a senior you will have more time during your retirement years. This means that instead of fast food options, you can create healthy and nutritional options at home. Instead of paying a restaurant or at the high cost of home delivery items, you can learn how to create your own specialty menu dishes. Some classes even offer courses in diabetic friendly meals and in special nutrition menus that may come of such as low-carb and low-sodium.

Home Improvement

What the growing trend in baby boomer courses is home improvement. Home improvement courses and do-it-yourself courses help many seniors keep the cost low in their home and help them to create a home that is suited for aging in place. This helps lower long-term-care bills and helps increase the market value of the home should be home need to be sold at any time.

The these are only five of the courses that are available for seniors in most areas, there are several others available as well. Art courses, music courses, continued learning courses and specialty courses are available through colleges and through senior community centers. You may also find specialty courses available through your church community centers as well as local community centers.

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