4 Ways to Find a Senior Living Consultant

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There are several ways to find a senior living consultant. Senior living consultants are available through their on private business websites, non-profit organizations and through charity networks and connections. Some senior living consultants may work with various nursing homes and some may work with specific assisted living communities. Here are a few ways to find a senior living consultant for your needs.


Internet Searches

The Internet is probably the best way to find a senior living consultant. Though it does seem like a given many people may not be aware how to search for a senior living consultant online. Use keywords like “senior living consultant”, “senior living consulting” and “senior living advising.”

Charity Organizations

A great way to find senior living consultants in your area or that cater to your area, is to ask charity organizations.  Organizations like Catholic Charities and Provident Living organizations established through the Mormon churches will offer some sort of list that may list senior living consultants in the area.



Church Organizations

Church organizations and church member boards may have lists of senior living resources that would contain senior living consultants. The members of your church may also know of senior living consultants that are available online or in the area. The best part of finding a senior living consultant through your church organizations is that you will receive honest feedback. For the most part, people will not refer anyone to a business or professional if they have no experience with them. With this method you will be able to find a consultant and you will be able to find out first hand how that consultant helped the senior find answers to their assisted living needs.

Assisted Living Charities and Communities

Another way to find senior living consultants is to look through assisted living charities and communities. The senior living consultant may be affiliated with the community but you will be able to find out if they can help you with needs beyond assisted living placement. This is also a wonderful way to ask direct questions about the community they consultant is affiliated with.