4 Reasons Seniors Should Consider Alkaline Diets

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Independent living and light assisted living senior in baby boomer residents may at times consider using different diet programs. Popular diet programs have been caloric reduction diets, special vegan diets, low sodium diets, low carbohydrate diets and various other diet fads and programs. One diet program that has reached senior living communities and has had a great impact on those communities is the alkaline diet. The alkaline diets, which uses water ionization and ionizers like the ones found through Bawell, have shown increased benefits for seniors living in senior communities. Here are four reasons that seniors should consider an alkaline diet especially when living in a senior community, independent community or retirement community.

Immune System

The use of alkaline diet is said to increase seniors, baby boomers and any individual using the alkaline diets immune system. The immune system benefits are of great importance when discussing a baby boomer or senior who is living within an independent senior community, assisted living community, or retirement community. Being exposed to others illnesses and airborne issues such as colds and flu can be detrimental to some seniors. In some cases many seniors have started off with a mild cold and ended up in end-of-life care due to contracting a much more dangerous respiratory illness such as pneumonia. The use of an alkaline diet increases immunity to these kinds of illnesses and increases the lifespan of seniors living in communities.

Active Lifestyles

Seniors and baby boomers who are looking for an active lifestyle program may find that they do not have enough energy to sustain the program on a regular basis. Fatigue and low energy is a common complaint of many seniors and baby boomers living in retirement communities. The use of an alkaline diet and ionized water filtration systems have shown to increase energy and individuals and to decrease fatigue complications such as chronic fatigue syndrome. In some cases, individuals who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome have shown a significant decrease in complications associated with the syndrome and increases in energy and overall activity levels. This is a huge benefit for many seniors considering the alkaline diet.

Chemical Free Living

There are several hundred energy drinks, shots and concoctions on the market to give people a boost of energy for several hours or for several minutes. The use of these so-called all-natural options may in fact be detrimental to some seniors helped. Seniors who participate in alkaline diets will find that they do not need these types of chemical-based or natural combination energy drinks and can simply eat the correct diet for them, balance the pH in their blood and live chemical free.

Decreased Drug Dependency

A huge benefit of the alkaline diet for many seniors and baby boomers is the decreased need for prescription drugs. Not only does this mean that a senior baby boomer can decrease their prescription drugs during the day it also means that they can increase their budget. The high cost of prescription drugs and for certain health insurance care plan such as the Medicare part D prescription plan can be very costly to some seniors. The ability to save $100 or more each month on prescription drugs that are not necessary due to alkaline dieting can be one of the greatest benefits to seniors.

Before moving to an alkaline diet program seniors and baby boomers should connect with a physician to ensure that this diet plan will not complicate medications that they are currently taking, supplements they are currently on or illnesses that they are currently battling.