3 Credentials to Check for When Looking at Senior Living

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No matter which state you live in, you will find a multitude of senior living communities offering what you are looking for in terms of housing options, amenities, activities, cost, and location. However aside from these important details, it is equally important to be sure the senior living community has appropriate credentials both for validating the community as well as being sure the nursing and medical staff has proper certification and licensing. The following credentials should be made prevalent when searching for the perfect senior living community, and will offer some insight into the legitimacy of the community.


Check with your local nursing board as well as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Agency to find out more about what regulations, laws, and certifications are required by senior living communities. After finding out about required certification and licensing, be sure the senior living community is following these requirements. Certifications may be based on building codes of the community buildings and housing, qualifications of the staff, medical and health services offered, recreational activities, and many other aspects of running a senior living community.

State Regulation

Be sure the senior living community follows the current state regulations set forth for nursing and medical staff of the senior living community. The employees should have proper certification, licensing and credentials which are provided after required education and training. Every state has their own set of regulations regarding the staff of senior living communities, such as a certain number of hours of in-service training, nursing certifications, or other credentials. This also includes credentials of other employees, such as dietary service employees, housekeeping, maintenance, and office staff.

Reviews of the Facility

Research the senior living community for positive reviews made by previous or current residents as well as families of residents on their website or Facebook page. Reviews of individuals that have personal experience with the community is often the best way to ensure they are worth considering as your retirement living community. Even with all of the proper credentials and certification, a living community should be reputable with the majority of the residents being happy to have lived there. Families of residents often offer a unique perspective on the community as well since they will be dealing with more of the office and nursing staff than the residents themselves. Ask around to find out if the community is getting positive reviews based on a number of factors including the amenities, accommodations, staff, and health services.


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