3 Credentials Home Health Agencies Should Have

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Home health companies provide in-home care for seniors that choose to live in their home after retirement rather than moving to an assisted living or nursing facility. Seniors who receive in-home care get a variety of services including health care and medical services, personal care such as help with bathing, bathroom, and eating, as well as household help like housekeeping, cooking, and running errands. Not all home health companies are created equal, and some of them don’t have strict regulations about the credentials of their employees. These three credentials are important to look for in any home health company you are considering.


One of the most important credentials to check for a home health company is their certification. The nurses aides or caretakers should be certified with a certified aide number that is easy to verify with your local nursing board. Each state will have their own laws regarding nursing aide credentials, and your state’s nursing board should have this information. You should also ask for references of the nursing aide that will be taking care of you.
The home health company may also be certified for Medicare, which is another credential to look for. If they are certified for Medicare, it means the company abides by Medicare’s standards for care and receives annual examinations to be sure the company and employees are remaining professional and providing excellent care.


The nursing aide or caretaker should be able to provide proof that they are affiliated with the company or organization they claim to work for. Ask for these credentials before inviting a nurse into your home. In most cases, the home health company will provide the name and references of the caretaker before they arrive, so it will be easy to verify the authenticity of their affiliations. The home health company should also be affiliated with official state nursing organizations which provide a solid reference for their standards in care.

Reviews and Feedback

Even with the aforementioned certifications and licensing, the home health company should also have positive reviews and feedback regarding their nursing staff, quality of care, and company itself. To get reviews of the company, you can do an Internet search or ask around for anyone you might know that has used this company and will provide a positive recommendation for them. If the home health company lacks reviews, it might be beneficial to find another company with a more sound reputation.