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New Study Shows That Where You Live Could Affect How Fast Your Brain Ages

A new study done on 943 men and women over the age of 60 has found a very interesting relationship between where you live and how fast your brain ages. According to researchers, M.R.I. examinations done on people who live varying distances to major highways revealed that in areas with higher air pollution, the …

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4 Fantastic Ways To Start Spring Off On A Healthy Note

Starting the spring off by making a few small changes can result in a major positive impact on your life.

1. Start walking for 30 minutes a day

Too many people overthink the concept of getting “in shape.” They join a gym, start using complicated machines they’ve never used before, and adopt a workout routine that has …

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6 Nutritional Myths You Need To Stop Believing Today

Eating healthy isn’t easy these days. The only thing more difficult than actually sticking to a diet is finding one that really works — and while the internet is filled with a wealth of nutritional information, it’s also filled with a wealth of nutritional misinformation. So in honor of National Nutrition Month, we put together …

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The 4 Most Memorable Acts Of Presidents Aged 50+

Every February 16th, citizens of the United States take the time to remember the birthday of George Washington, the man widely regarded as our nation’s founder. In recent years it’s become a day not only to remember him, but many of our other forefathers as well. This President’s Day, we highlight some of the most …

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