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9 Foods and Products That Were Made Better When We Were Young

French Fries

Do you remember when French fries used to be fried in actual animal fat and the fries themselves had flavor?  We miss that.  Fortunately, a lot of chefs are returning to this method of cooking and we couldn’t be happier!  Just fry my fries in …

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Why Baby Boomers Could Cost New York City $53 Billion, According to a New Study

We all know baby boomers represent one of the biggest portions of the population, with tens upon tens of millions of them around. They’re also heading for a pretty big mass retirement really soon, which will put a lot of stress on the economy. However, one unexpected outcome of the Boomers’ mass retirement is how …

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How Will Retiring Boomers Impact the Stock Market?

We’ve got 78 million Baby Boomers set to retire in the next 20 years, which will place a huge burden on our economy. At an average of about 10,000 retirees a day, our healthcare and social services systems will be strained to their limits, as the country has to find a way to cope with …

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{Infographic} 8 Ways For Seniors to Protect Their Skin While Enjoying The Summer

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