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4 Japanese Secrets To A Long Life

Every time another person makes it to 100, or 110 years old, we ask the same question: What’s your secret? Some say it’s eating beef every day. Some say it’s being a vegetarian. Some say they never leave the house, others go out for a walk every day. But there is one group of people …

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The 5 Best and Worst States For Taxpayers Over 50

There’s a lot of talk about how Americans are struggling to get to a good place with their retirement and savings, but compared to a lot of other countries we’re looking great. An online survey conducted early this year polled retirees in 15 countries. The study found that Americans are more likely to be saving …

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Is Chocolate The Key To Stopping Memory Decline In Older Adults?

Chocoholics can now rejoice: chocolate has some significant health benefits. Well, sort of. According to a new study, age-related memory decline may be reversed with a high dosage of flavanols, an anti-oxidant found in cocoa and tea. Dr. Scott Small, a neurology professor at Columbia University in New York, is the senior author of the …

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