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5 Unique Indoor Activities to Keep You Busy on a Rainy Day at Your Retirement Home

Rationally, we know there’s nothing wrong with going out in the rain and getting a little wet, but it just plain doesn’t feel nice. Instead, it’s much cozier to sit inside while the rain pours outside, and be involved in activities that’ll keep you warm, dry and entertained until the storm clouds pass. So instead …

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3 Great Summer Activities You Should Request Your Assisted Living Facility to Provide

Assisted living facilities usually have a roster of activities in place for their residents, tailored to fit the needs of the lowest- and highest-functioning ones so everyone can enjoy them. There’s also usually a division of activities so residents of differing abilities can enjoy them separately, too. However, a calendar of activities tends to be …

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How to Make Friends in Your Senior Care Facility

Moving to a senior care facility can be a traumatic event, as it means adjusting to a whole new place to live at a later stage in life. One of the biggest fears seniors can have is how to keep their social lives in balance, as making new friends is infinitely harder than simply sharing …

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A Guide to Finding Love Later in Life

As humans, we all crave the need to be loved. It’s one of our most basic instincts, something that’s been with us since the day we were born. However, enduring the loss of a spouse later in life can be even more devastating than a breakup when you’re a young adult, as now you’re not …

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