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Who Says Seniors Can’t

Who Says Seniors Can’t?
Some people have a self-limiting belief that senior citizens are simply too old for certain things. Maybe miniskirts and eyebrow piercings have age limits, but seniors are constantly pushing the boundaries of naysayers who say certain activities are age limited.

The word “can’t” isn’t in most senior’s vocabulary. Instead, they have a “can …

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Bill Created to Help Prevent Missing Seniors

When children go missing, a nationwide Amber Alert may be issued to try and minimize any potential consequences. Until recently, though, there was no such system for seniors—a demographic that also goes missing—but for different reasons. Now, a bill is proposing to introduce a “Silver Alert” system target specifically to seniors.
Silver Alert
When a senior goes …

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How are Ukrainian Seniors Affected Right Now?

As seniors age, their ties to family and culture become even more important. But when issues arise that threaten to sever those ties, such as what’s currently happening in Ukraine, seniors arrive at a crossroads where they have to decide: do they ignore increasing political strife and violence to hold onto what they’ve grown up …

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Separating Fact from Fiction: 5 Common Alzheimer’s Myths Debunked

Alzheimer’s disease was originally discovered more than a century ago. Despite the billions of dollars that have been spent on research, the deadly form of dementia is still pretty much a mystery to us. There’s no cure, treatment or clear cause for the disease. With so many questions left unanswered, there are plenty of Alzheimer’s …

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