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Some Measures to Protect Seniors may Cause Harm

There are certain measures being taken by senior communities, assisted living community senior independent communities and long-term care facilities that are put in place to help seniors but may actually be causing harm. These different options are being looked at carefully for the emotional and physical damage they may actually cause. These are primarily options …

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Former Hospitals Becoming Senior Communities

There is a new development occurring in senior real estate, senior communities, assisted living units and long-term care facilities. With the high cost of real estate and building options, many companies are now looking towards abandoned hospitals and former hospitals as possible senior care community locations. This is saving on real estate and is causing …

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Rounds by Nurses in Senior Homes Looked at Closely

Nursing rounds and senior homes and assisted living care facilities are usually more frequent than in a normal hospital. In fact, nursing rounds tend to have a certified nursing assistant performing rounds every hour to two hours and a licensed practical nurse performing rounds at least two times per shift. This means that the registered …

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Oregon Retirement Plan Runs Rich

A new Portland State University study suggests that Oregon public employees get better retirement benefits and have to pay much less for them than what their competition would in surrounding states. The study, which is provided by the school’s Center for Public Service, is supposed to account for the variations in retirement plans in Oregon, …

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