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Personal Security in Retirement Communities

For some seniors, one of the greatest concerns about retirement communities can be the protection of personal items and the enhancement of personal security. If you are not living at a retirement community that features various forms of security, this is even more of a concern because you are essentially responsible for the protection of …

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More Retirement Communities Offer Nutritionists

Nutritionists are becoming more popular among retirement communities, especially as new communities continue to be developed throughout the country. Although the retirement communities of the past used to focus on providing seniors with basic meals and serving the same meal options to everyone, new medical advancements and studies are showing that seniors benefit greatly from …

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How Retirement Communities Differ From Assisted Living

One of the most common misconceptions among those who are new to the senior care circle is that retirement communities and assisted living are the same form of care. Although these options do provide similar services, they are not exactly the same. However, for some people, it’s difficult to figure out the differences between these …

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Pros and Cons of Medication Management Apps

There are apps for nearly every aspect of life. You can find apps for games, news, fitness, call blocking, scheduling, and medication management. These apps help with daily living, help us keep up, and they help us see patterns in our daily lives. With the development of these apps are the inevitable pros and cons …

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