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New Ways to Save on Your Expenses

As a baby boomer, budgeting is on your mind all the time. You have to worry about your own personal finances, and in some cases you have to regard finances of your parents as well as your children. With a rough economy it is becoming increasingly popular for baby boomers to be considered part of …

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5 Free Classes You Should Take as a Senior

With more and more insurance companies, community centers, and other groups offering free courses for seniors now is the time to take advantage. There are several courses available ranging from wellness to financial planning. You can find these for free in your area or for a small fee. However, the free options are just as …

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What is Medication Management?

Medication management is defined as a method of confirming whether or not an individual is complying with a medication regiment that has been prescribed to them. It is also done to ensure that the individual is avoiding any chances of dangerous drug interactions that may occur depending on what drugs may be taken together at …

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Nutrition in Assisted Living and Retirement Communities

Those who are responsible for caring for their parents often voice a concern over the quality of nutrition within assisted living and retirement communities. Assuming that a parent or elder is not able to properly care for themselves in the sense of being able to prepare healthy and nutritious meals, it can be very important …

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