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Four Services an In-Home Caregiver Can Provide

In-home caregivers are available for a few short hours a day, twelve hour shifts or for several days at a time. During that time they provide more than just assisted living or medical service to their clients. There are several services an in-home …

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Types of Caregivers

Home health caregivers can offer flexibility and security.

There are several types of caregivers when you are referring to assisted living, home health and other forms of long-term care. Knowing the different types of caregivers can make choosing the right one …

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Three Questions to Ask During an Assisted Living Tour

When you are looking for the right assisted living community for you or a loved one, the tour can be the most important step in the process. You want to make sure the community lives up to the standards of care that you …

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Four Assisted Living Services that May Cost Extra

Assisted living communities are trying to become more inclusive as to what they offer for the monthly fee. Though most communities are jumping on board with this idea there are still a few that may offer the services, but tack on an additional …

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