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The Top Three Senior Retirement Communities

Imagine that you could live anywhere in the nation when you retire. You could enjoy state of the art apartment living, full housekeeping services and fine dining. You would have transportation when you needed it or you could drive your own vehicle. You would live …

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Rising Costs of Assisted Living & the Silver Tsunami

The University of Alabama statistical analysis department estimated that “the number of people age 65 and older will double between 2010 and 2050, with the number of those 85 and older increasing four fold.” This influx of baby boomers into senior status has been dubbed …

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Security and Home Health Care

Senior Long Term Care

Choosing the option of home health care for you or a loved one opens doors for concerns. You have to trust that the caregiver assigned to your home will be professional and offer the same care …

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Four Ways for Seniors to Avoid Telephone Billing Fraud

Telephone fraud is one of the easiest way for scammers to reach their goal of making money from seniors. The tactics are simple. All these telephone scammers have to do is purchase a toll-free number, create a business name and start …

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