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Health Savings Accounts: The Basics

Many of us have heard of health savings accounts. This term is usually used during tax season and appears on independent tax filing sites like TurboTax.  The problem is that the term Health Savings Account, also referred to as HSA, is not explained very well. …

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Switching Medicare Part D Plans: What You Should Know

Medicare Part D is a supplemental Medicare program designed to cover prescriptions. This prescription coverage is offered through several insurance companies and companies specializing in Medicare Part D supplemental insurance policies. This supplemental coverage has proven to be confusing for several Medicare recipients. In fact, …

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Four Senior Community Terms that Baby Boomers Should Know

Senior living and senior communities have grown rapidly over the past few decades.  New financial options are available daily to help seniors pay for their retirement living choices. In addition to new financial options, there are new living options available as well. In order to …

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