15 Halloween Costumes For Older Adults That We Love

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The Mayor of Townsville:

This costume is simple to assemble, and cute to boot. All you need is a top hat, fake mustache (unless you’ve got your own), a white button-down shirt, and a sash that says “Mayor of Townsville.” Grab three friends to play The Powerpuff Girls, and you’ve got a great group costume!

Popeye the Sailor Man and Olive Oyl:

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Popeye!” Popeye and Olive make a great couple’s costume. The corn cob pipe and can of spinach are easy props, and if you don’t have the muscles – well, that’s what the internet is for.

A Member of the Red Hat Society:

These ladies are always ready to glam themselves up. The Red Hat Society is a social organization originally formed for women age 50 and older. All you need is a red hat and purple dress, the more over the top the better. Have fun and add a boa, heels, and as many shiny pieces of jewelry as you can fit on.

Paper Doll

This costume is easy and inexpensive. All you need to do is run to Walgreens and buy some posterboard. From there, you can create and color your own outfit and even cut out a handbag to cover your real purse. Don’t forget to cut out the “flaps” that keep the outfit around the doll!

Group idea: Old MacDonald & farm animals

One person can dress up as Old MacDonald – red flannel shirt, overalls, etc – while the rest of the group dresses up as various animals from his farm like a cow, chicken, pig, etc. This costume will work with two people, or seven. If anyone else fails to recognize your costume at first sight, a few verses of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” with each animal chiming in should help.

Charlie Chaplin

Paying classic to this silent film legend is easy. All you need is a tux, bowler hat, and cane, with a fake straight mustache drawn on. Once you start walking in a waddle, you’re all set. If you want to get really into the spirit of dressing up, you can paint your face white and outline your features in black and grey, just as Chaplin would look in a silent film.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is officially going to be in the Dawn of Justice film coming out in 2016. Although the movie is primarily about Batman and Superman, we all know that Wonder Woman is going to steal the show. You can dress up like her now before everyone else does – and before prices on her costume go up.


Pirates were a classic long before Johnny Depp donned his fake teeth and tattoos. Put on a bandana, eye patch, and striped shirt and you’re ready to shout “Aarrrgh!”, or “trick or treat” in Pirate.

Group costume: KISS

Halloween is the holiday to go all out, so why not make your costume over-the-top? Grab three friends and face paint from any convenience store. Tease up your hair, dress in black, and practice wiggling your tongue; you’ll be ready to win any Halloween costume contests you enter.


If you have a shaved head, you’re already halfway to being Heisenberg. The black felt pork pie hat he wears can be found for $10 online, and from there you only need glasses and a goatee to look like you’re too “breaking bad.” Repeat after me: I am the danger.

Couple costume: Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde were a romantic duo. Sure, they robbed banks and died in a shoot-out with the police, but they did it together! They were a tough team, and with clothes from the 1930’s you can dress up like them – but without the guns.

Clark Kent/Superman

You don’t have to wear a cape to be Superman. You can dress up as Clark Kent with dark-framed glasses and a shirt and tie. If you wear a Superman shirt underneath, you can unbutton your dress shirt to reveal the logo, looking as if you’re ready to fly off and save Metropolis!

Couple/Group costume: The Addams Family

The Addams Family have become cultural icons of Halloween, although when they started out in the comics they were creepy all year round. It’s easy to dress in a gothic style to emulate Morticia, Gomez, & Co., but you can up the creepy factor with your own fake detached hand. Keep it on your shoulder until you have a chance to place it somewhere creepy – like the bowl of candy for trick-or-treaters.


This is the perfect last-minute costume. All you have to do is dress in a solid color, but you have to commit. That means blue shirt, pants, socks, EVERYTHING. If you want to really get into your costume, you can even paint your face or wear white gloves and shoes like the M&Ms on the commercials. Just cut-out a white “m,” tape it on your shirt, and voila! You’ll look good enough to eat.


The Walking Dead is still going strong on season 5, which means that the zombie costume is a great idea for an individual, but it’s even scarier as a group costume. Grab some old clothes, rip them up and dirty them up a bit, and paint your face to look green, with maybe some brown for dirt and red for blood. Don’t forget to practice your moaning and shuffling walk!