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Work-At-Home Jobs for Senior Women

By Megan C @ LivingSenior - August 15, 2012

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The population of senior single women over the age of 60 is increasing rapidly. In recent Census Bureau polls the rate of senior women has increased by 12% in less than a decade. The current findings show that women age 60 or older make up over 7 million members of the senior population. This is a staggering number but becomes increasingly staggering when 12% of those women are considered to be living in poverty. Internet work-at-home positions and senior computer programs such as how to use Microsoft Word, Internet training and other computer training courses have made it possible for women over the age of 60 to stay out of poverty, stay working and provide an income for themselves from home. Though the following positions are jobs that men and women can do after the age of 60, the primary focus for many of these jobs is to help senior women stay out of poverty and to decrease the staggering number of 12% living at poverty level.

Geriatric Care Manager

A growing number of senior care communities, assisted living communities and retirement communities are hiring members of the senior community to work from home is geriatric care managers. A care manager working from home would make outbound phone calls to clients in need of senior care advice, program advice or any of senior representation. A geriatric care manager not only ensures that a senior is receiving the proper care for their illness or injury but they are all so enrolled in the programs that would benefit them the most. There are several hundred government programs available that many seniors are not aware of or aware of how to apply. A geriatric care manager to help them apply, find the right program for them and possibly keep a senior out of poverty or help them receive care that they did not think they would be able to afford.

Customer Care Representative

Senior females can find employment working from home as customer care representatives. In fact, for senior women who have a strong background in customer care, billing or financial services there are several at home customer care positions available. These care positions require very little startup, which generally includes a landline phone and the phone headset. These jobs can be for 20 or more hours a week and pay between eight dollars an hour and $13 an hour depending on the company and particular customer care background and service being providing.

Content Editing and Management

Content editing and management is the perfect position for a senior female with a background in publishing, journalism and print editing. A content editor and manager would handle all of the editing for blog contents, article content and press release content. They would also handle management tasks such as managing writers, hiring new writers, providing constructive criticism to current writers and coming up with new topics and titles for upcoming content. A content editor and manager can expect to make $15 or more an hour with work at a consistent rate of 30 or more hours a week.

There are several work-at-home options in various niche fields that are ideal for senior females with backgrounds in particular areas. The baby boomer generation saw a large increase in the women in the workplace. With the kind of experience that many senior women have, finding a job from home that will utilize their past experience and skills is only a matter of finding the right businesses hiring.